Middle School

Bulldog Behaviors

We Are Safe, Respectful, and Responsible


Pardeeville Middle School Expectations



All Settings










Keep your body in control


Ask permission to leave any setting

Sit properly in chairs


Keep hands to yourself


Keep materials where they belong



Stay to the right


Keep hands to yourself



Food is for eating



Wash hands with soap and warm water


Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself


Line up at the end of recess


Wood chips stay on the ground

Sit in seat


Lower than inside voice


Stay out of aisle



Enter and exit the gym slowly and quietly


Stay seated in the same spot


Follow directions


Use polite language


Help keep the school clean


Dress appropriately (follow dress code)


Use cell phones only when given permission

Raise your hand to speak


Take care of classroom materials


Stay in assigned seat

Walk quietly so others can learn


Quiet at lockers


Pick up after yourself

Use inside voice


Use proper manners


Leave when excused


Pick up after yourself


Place trash in trash can

Put garbage in garbage can


Use inside voice

Enter and exit school quietly


Share and put away equipment


Be a good sport


Follow the rules

Use good manners


Listen to the bus driver


Keep bus clean

Be a good listener


Clap appropriately to show appreciation


Give your best effort


Be a team player




Challenge yourself


Be prepared

Be on time


Be prepared with materials


Fill out planner

Return to class promptly

Choose healthy options

Return to class promptly

Try to solve problems on your own first


Try new activities


Include others

Keep track of your belongings


Be kind

Raise your hand to share


Keep questions on topic

When these expectations are not met the student will be retaught the appropriate behavior. 


Pardeeville Middle School Minor & Major Infractions




Defiance/Non-Compliance- Brief period of low intensity failure to respond to adult requests. (e.g. ignoring request, refusal to follow directions, use of inappropriate tone)

Weapons- Possessing or furnishing a weapon on school grounds.(e.g. knife, firearm, explosives)

Disruption- Low intensity, but inappropriate disruption.(e.g. side conversations, blurting out, out of seat)

Physical Aggression- Caused or Attempted to cause physical injury to another person.(e.g. mutual combat, hitting, punching, kicking)

Inappropriate Language- Accidental slip, poor choice of words, non-directed verbal aggression.(e.g. “shut up”, name calling, rude gesture)

Aggressive Language- Student delivers a directed verbal message that would include profanity or threat of harm.(e.g. swearing at staff, threatening physical harm)

Dress Code Violation- Clothing that doesn’t meet dress code guidelines.(e.g. spaghetti straps)

Harassment- Disrespectful messages (written or oral) that are related to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, or disability.(e.g. making fun of a student that is in a wheelchair, racist comments)

Mild Physical Contact- Non-serious, non-injurious but inappropriate physical contact.(e.g. punching shoulder, back slapping, horse play)

Bullying- Delivering technology based or direct messages that involve intimidation, teasing, taunting, threats, or name calling.(e.g. inappropriate remarks made verbally more than once)

Property Misuse- Mistreatment of school property.(e.g. banging on keyboard, drawing on desk or book)

Illegal Substances- Possession, use, sale or furnishing of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.

Tardy- Not in classroom or assigned seat when bell rings.

Cheating- Making false statements or misrepresenting one’s work.(e.g. plagiarism, forgery, copying another student’s work)

Technology Violation- Inappropriate use of cell phone, IPad, or Chromebooks.(e.g. inappropriate web sites, using school account for personal business)

Truancy- Student receives an unexcused absence for a half day of more.


Out of Bounds- Student is in an area outside of school boundaries.(e.g. leaves playground, walks across the street)


Cafeteria Misconduct-Student is using food in ways other than eating. (e.g. throws food)

Chronic Minor Infractions- If a student gets 4 minor infractions within 3 weeks it is a major. This will be handled in the office.

All major behaviors will be handled in the office. 

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