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The Pardeeville Area School District currently has two administrator openings—Middle School Principal and High School Principal.  The Board of Education understands that this may be raising some concern in the community as to what is happening at the Pardeeville Area School District.

Mr. Ted Lenz, Middle School Principal, had announced at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year that he intended to retire at the end of the school year as Pardeeville Middle School Principal.  He submitted his retirement letter on March 28, 2016 and the Board of Education approved his retirement at the April 4, 2016 Board Meeting.

Mr. Jason LeMay, High School Principal, was offered and accepted the High School Principal position at Altoona High School.  He resigned on April 19, 2016 and the Board of Education regretfully accepted his resignation on April 21, 2016.  Altoona High School is a larger high school than Pardeeville High School and is also closer to his family.  The School Board and Superintendent of the Altoona School District were impressed with everything Mr. LeMay accomplished in his five years at Pardeeville High School.  This was too good of an opportunity for Mr. LeMay to pass up.

The Board of Education of the Pardeeville Area School District and Gus Knitt, District Administrator thank Ted and Jason for the many contributions they have made to the Pardeeville Area School District during their time here and wish them good luck in the years to come.


GoGuardian at PASD

To meet policy needs District uses GoGuardian to monitor student's Google Apps for Education Accounts.

Measles Information


The mission of Pardeeville Middle School is to
foster lifelong learning in a positive, supporting environment
where all learners achieve and succeed.



A high attendance rate is crucial for students to be successful in school.  Students and parents must both understand that low attendance rates can have a negative impact on grades and overall learning as well as future work ethics. 

Staying home from school may cause a student to fall behind in class and miss important lessons or tests.  Students and parents are reminded that they have a maximum of 10 school days that can be missed during the school year for personal illness, family activities and vacations.  Any days beyond that can result in truancy citations.

If your child will be absent, please call the middle school office to report the absence - 608-429-2153, ext. 386.

If your child has to leave school for an appointment, please send a note or call the middle school office before coming to school to pick up the student so we do not have to disturb classes in session.



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