High School

Special Needs

Pardeeville High School Special Education assists students with disabilities in the following areas:

1.) Academic Achievement

2.) Social Adaptation

3.) Prevocational and Vocational Skills

4.) Sensory and Motor Skills

5.) Self-Help Skills

6.) Speech and Language Skills

Each Student identified as having a disability that interferes with learning in the High School has the following elements incorporated into their IEP, (Individualized Educational Plan).  These are specific to each students needs and are developed by the Case Manager for the student and discussed in the IEP Meeting.

1.) Annual goals                                                                                                                  

2.) Short-term instructional objectives (individual steps which make up the goals)           

3.) Transition plan, when applicable                                                                                             

4.) Appropriate objective criteria and evaluation procedures to be used to measure your child's progress toward these goals on at least an annual basis.                                        

5.) What educational goals and objectives are appropriate for your child                          

6.) What type of special education your child needs                                                            

7.) Which related services are necessary to ensure your child benefits from his or her special        education                                                                                                                            

8.) What assistive technology devices or services your child needs to benefit from special education                                                                                                                                 

9.) What placement alternatives exist, and which is most appropriate for your child.

The Pardeeville High School Resource Room Assists students with any or all of the following school related skills on a daily basis:

a. Schoolwork

b. Reading, writing, number work or understanding information

c. Expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying

d. Making friends or relating to adults

e. Behaving properly in school

f.  Organizing themselves

g. Coping with sensory or physical needs which may affect them in school

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