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Spanish Department Offerings

The Pardeeville Middle school students begin their awareness of the Spanish community by investigating various cultural areas of Hispanic countries. In seventh grade World Geography, students learn about Spanish speaking countries, culture, customs, religion, language, and geography of South America, Mexico, Central America and Latin America.

Advanced Spanish I and II fully immerse the students into the Hispanic culture with numerous opportunities to communicate with other Hispanic students. Technology is the main venue for creating projects which always involve cultural topics. Journaling in the target language is done on-line via wikis along with projects such as Vokis, Glogsters, Voicethreads, Kisseos, Yodios and Prezis.   Students are capable of synthesizing the language to express not only their basic needs, but also to expand their discussions, expressing their opinions and knowledge of a variety of current and culturally historical topics.

Spanish II emphasizes more technological aspects of language acquisition, delving into the World Wide Web for connecting with other Spanish-speaking students and heritage speakers. Students continue with more intensive practice in the active communication skills of speaking and writing. Cultural topics often are targeted for projects and discussion to enhance an appreciation of the Hispanic way of life. Spanish IIB, likewise, is available for students who need more preparation before moving into the advanced Spanish levels.

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