High School

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The science department at Pardeeville High School offers the traditional science courses that emphasize critical thinking and problem solving. Conceptual Chemistry and Biology are required courses for graduation. Conceptual Physics is a course with a slower pace and less math for students that are not planning on continuing their education past high school or would like a jump start to the full Physics course. The rest of the courses that are offered are for students that plan on pursuing more education after high school. These courses are Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Biology and Advanced Chemistry. 



·         Conceptual Chemistry (required, Freshman year)

·         Conceptual Physics (usually taken by all Freshman)

·         Biology (usually taken Sophomore year, Freshman year with approval)

·         Chemistry (usually taken Junior or Senior year)

·         Physics (usually taken Junior or Senior year)

·         Advanced Biology (usually taken Junior or Senior year)

·         Advanced Chemistry (usually taken Senior year)

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