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Dan Evans
Mr. Evans

Location: High School
Email: evanda@pasdwi.org
Phone: (608) 429-2153, x388

Class Schedule:

1st: Lessons

2A: Regular Band

2B: Jazz Band

3rd-5th: Lessons

6th hour: 5th/6th grade band (B Days); Lessons (A Days)

7th hour: Middle school band (B Days); Lessons (A Days)

8th hour: Lessons



The Pardeeville 5th/6th grade band and 7th/8th grade band (otherwise known as the “Middle School Band”), are half-credit courses that will meet on “B” days throughout the school year. 5th/6th band will meet during 6th period every other B day; Middle school band will meet during 7th period every other B day. HS Jazz will meet during 2nd period on “B” days. The “Regular” High School band is a half credit class that will meet on “A” days (during 2nd period).The purpose of these classes is to provide the student with musical skills, appreciation, literacy, and explorations. The students will also be exposed to a number of performance opportunities throughout the year. Through the teaching of music and how to play a musical instrument, students will learn valuable skills in character development such as self-discipline, teamwork, compassion, and community service. Students are expected to reach high (but not unreasonable) expectations, and this may require them to work outside of their usual “comfort zones” (outside of “what comes easy” for them).



Although band is considered to be a “fun” and “unique” class in which students can “get away” from the grind of core courses, it still should be considered a class and the same rules and school procedures should be followed. In addition, there are three main rules students must be aware of to participate in band:



So, these rules pretty much sum up the following:

  • Be on time and attentive! You must set up YOUR OWN chair and music stand, and warm up/tune up your instrument IMMEDIATELY after arriving to class. Rehearsal will start 4 minutes after the bell rings.
  • You must give 100% effort during class! I am well aware that you may not be able to play a certain song/note/rhythm, or you may be sick, but the only way to get better is to TRY.
  • Warming up on your own is encouraged before rehearsal starts, but please warm up at a reasonable volume.
  • When Mr. Evans (or anyone else conducting a rehearsal) is in front instructing the band, there should be NO TALKING. I try to give students a minute or so to talk in between songs we are rehearsing (while the percussion is getting set up for the next song), so instruction time is not time to talk.
  • Students should not PLAY their instruments while Mr. Evans is instructing the group/certain sections of the band!
  • You MUST find time to practice outside of regular band rehearsals! In reality, 90% of what you learn in band is taught by yourself while practicing. I will give you the tools necessary to go on your own and become better on your instrument. It is up to YOU to get better!
  • Listen to what Mr. Evans tells you to do during lessons/rehearsals! Any student who’s had success in the band program will tell you that I will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to be successful in band. If you don’t understand the material, never hesitate to ask for help!!!
  • Respect others… and respect yourself (and your ability!).
  • Respect and take care of your instrument, locker, music, classroom, and the materials in the classroom! Students will be responsible for costs associated with any damage they inflict to items that are their own or others’.
  • Please use the restroom BEFORE class starts, and be prompt… Please take care of these needs during passing time before or after class.
  • Do not use cell phones or I Pods during class unless instructed to do so.
  • NO gum, food or drink (except water) in music room.



Each student must bring their instrument, music/folder, pencil, and agenda planners to every rehearsal and lesson. Students are expected to frequently take their instruments home to practice. 5th and 6th grade students are required to take their instruments home every night. Once again, 90% of what you learn as a musician is taught by yourself. DO NOT lose music or your folder! Students using ANY school-owned instrument will be charged a $25 fee for the year to offset maintenance and replacement costs.


Your music is your textbook in this class. NEVER mark it with pen! Music can be marked lightly with no. 2 pencil. If you can’t erase it, don’t use it on music.



Your progress will be assessed in several ways:

-Small/large group rehearsals

-Small/large group and individual lessons

-Occasional quizzes/writing assignments/reading assignments


By using the assessment tools above, I will be able to chart your progress… And I will also be able to tell if you aren’t practicing or putting forth enough effort!


Your grade in band (yes, you will be graded!) will be broken down as follows:

  1. Weekly lessons: These may be given individually or in groups. 6TH-8TH GRADE STUDENTS:You will receive 20 points per week for your lessons. HS STUDENTS: You are required four (4) lessons per quarter for a lesson grade of “A”. HS students will sign up for lessons each week during available times. If you are gone from your lessons because of an excused absence, you will not lose points for the lesson. Unexcused absences will receive a lesson grade of 0. 5th-8th grade band students get 2 “freebies” for unexcused lessons at the end of the quarter.
  2. Required performances: Concerts are your exams in band. By performing in a concert, you are showing the community what you have learned as musicians prior to the concert. You will receive 100 points per required performance. If you are gone from a performance because of an excused absence, you must bring a note from a parent or doctor for Mr. Evans to have on file. Also, students with excused absences must write a 2-3 page paper on one of the composer of a piece performed during the concert. Students that aren’t at the concert with unexcused absences will receive a 0% (grade of F) for the performance. YOU ALSO ARE REQUIRED TO STAY FOR THE WHOLE CONCERT AND BE A GOOD AUDIENCE FOR FULL CONCERT CREDIT!!! Listening to others play/sing music is an important aspect of being a musician. You will learn to listen and observe others performing.
  3. Participation grade: You are expected to fully participate in band and give maximum effort. This includes individual practice, behavior in class, having a positive attitude, and working well with other students in the class. All students will start with 200 points (100%) for a participation grade, and the grade will be adjusted up or down depending on the student’s overall participation throughout the quarter. If students go above and beyond what is expected, they may receive more than 200 points.



Although our units are geared towards what we will perform for concerts, there are several benchmarks throughout the year students are expected to meet and material they are expected to understand:

-Proper care of the instruments

-Proper playing technique (including solid tone, posture, breathing, and tongue attack)

-Proper practice techniques

-Proper rehearsal etiquette

-Proper performance etiquette (as a performer and audience member)

-Knowledge and exposure to different musical styles

-Concepts and application of music theory

-Application of character development skills outside of music classes and later in life

-Developing a lifelong appreciation for music



For concert performances, 5th-6th grade students will wear a white dress shirt (not t shirts) with khaki pants. 7th-8th grade students will wear white dress shirts and black pants. High school band students will wear black dress shirts and pants/skirts. For marching/pep band performances, students will dress according to what the director decides (which may include band uniforms, matching t shirts-khaki shorts, or band windbreaker jackets). Students should adhere to the school dress code. In all performances, you are representing the band, school, community, and State of Wisconsin. Not only should we attempt to sound good… We should also attempt to LOOK good (and uniform) as a musical “team”.

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