Welcome to the Technology Department

The technology department supports education by utilizing approximately 280 Windows computers, 3 physical host servers and 14 virtual servers.

Classroom instruction is also enhanced by the use 61 projectors and 31 interactive displays. Students, kindergarten through 12th grade are using  600 Chromebooks on mobile carts or classroom charging racks. Students utilize a variety of tablets for reading and learning across all grade levels.

All buildings with classrooms have access to a wireless network which supports both district owned and personal student electronic devices for educational support. Please refer to individual school handbooks and district policies for guidelines about the use of student owned devices at school.

Students in grades 1st through 12th grade have Google for Education Gmail accounts which are managed through an additional filter service from GaggleNet.  Gaggle allows the teachers to restrict the lower grades from sending and receiving emails from outside their classroom.  Gmail accounts are needed to login to the Chromebooks and the students are using the devices to write stories, book reviews, take Accelerated Reader tests, practice IXL math exercises, complete online assessments and do research for inquiry based class projects.  They are also learning to share documents with their teachers and class mates to collaborate on projects in "real time."

Teachers are encouraged to use Google Classroom to manage student work in Google-sending out and collecting assignments, sharing course calendars, sending email, etc...

All student accounts are also managed by the GoGuardian monitoring service.  GoGuardian describes their service as follows, " GoGuardian helps teachers engage with their students, and provides schools with better control over how their technology is used. With GoGuardian, educators can harness the power of the internet for learning, without harmful content or distractions getting in the way."

  • GoGuardian manages student GAFE accounts whether they access it from school or home.  When students are using their GAFE account outside of school, parents are still the first level of safety for all internet access by the student.  GoGuardian is just a support that helps teachers redirect the students while using the technology in school.

Pardeeville Area School District uses Microsoft System Center Management software and active directory to manage the network.  All staff and student Windows 7 computers include Office 2010.  


A technology education lab has both AutoCad and Solidworks 3D modeling software.  The students also learn how to build and program robotic devices.  

The business ed department is now offering web design and graphics communications classes utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

The Ag Science, Biology, and Chemistry/Physics classes utilize a variety of probes and spreadsheet programs to gather and interpret data from learning units and experiments.



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