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2013-2014 Officers and Committees
School Board Officers
Margo Pufahl - President
Becky Levzow - Vice President
Karla Walker - Treasurer
Lynette Ives - Clerk
Buildings & Grounds Committee
Becky Levzow (Chair)
Matthew Smith
Daniel Pulver
Curriculum Committee
Hal Balsiger (Chair)
Becky Levzow
Finance Committee
Lynette Ives (Chair)
Dan Pulver
Karla Walker

Personnel Committee
Margo Pufahl (Chair)
Hal Balsiger
Matthew Smith

Policy Committee
Karla Walker (Chair)
Lynette Ives
Margo Pufahl


Pardeeville Area Schools
120 S Oak
Pardeeville, WI 53954
Phone: 608-429-2153
FAX: 608-429-2277